Why cheese matters

Partner, not vendor

Sure, we can move cheese. But our real value is in partnering to achieve a combined vision.

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The Art of HandWrap

Great soft-ripened cheese is alive, but the only way to preserve it from farm to table is with a perfect hand wrap.

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Cross Dock Expertise

Customized cross-docking programs provide an ideal assortment, filling cheese cases with gorgeous variety and relieving supply chain pressure.

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Our conversion process begins with an appreciation of the cheesemaker’s vision. Our handwrappers preserve the delicate nature of soft cheese with deft precision and take great pride in delivering great experiences. A single wrap takes just 6 seconds but it is a process filled with love, consideration, and respect for the product. 

Build an Ideal Solution

Partner with our experts to combine, refine, and adjust services to answer any specific challenge or need. The services here are the building blocks of your custom solution.

Customized Programs

A cheese case reflects the surrounding community; its values, cultures, and unique tastes. Customized programs from Swiss American provide a broad selection of cheeses and specialty foods, tailored right down to the individuals in your neighborhood.

Marketing Programs

With countless cheeses and as many stories, our marketing programs are where story meets purpose. Whether it is educational posters, point of sale, label design or beyond, our full service marketing program provides an opportunity to influence conversation and connect shoppers to products that fully meet their needs.

Exclusive Sourcing

Great cheese is made with great artistry. From farmers in the Italian countryside to family-owned dairies in America’s heartland, Swiss American develops strong relationships with exclusive cheesemakers all over the world. These partnerships offer boundless access to inspiring food experiences for all. 

Private Label

The best specialty food producers and retailers build trusting, lifelong relationships with the people they serve. Private label services from Swiss American empower brands to strengthen these bonds. With full service development and customized options, these programs are tailor-made to help shape the shoppers in store experience.

Specialized Cutting & Wrapping

Cheesemakers pour their passion and dedication into crafting each vat of cheese.  We strive to honor that vision by preserving flavor, texture, and shape through dedicated precision, expert technique and a specialized environment. With customized packaging and converting services we offer programs from bulk to handwrap− delivering elevated experiences across the board. 

Cross Dock

There are as many types of cheeses as there are customers who love them. Swiss American’s cross dock programs allow our partners to focus on what they do best−serving their customers.  Connecting our partners to expanded selection, fresher product, and efficient delivery while we handle the inventory management and order fulfillment. 

You can count on Swiss American