Say – Hello Spring! – with Goat Cheese

The weather is getting warmer, trees are budding, and flowers are starting to pop their heads out of the soil. Spring is well on its way! Guess what? Spring is also goat cheese season. We can’t get enough of this versatile creamy & tangy cheese. Of course, you can buy goat cheese year-round, but baby goat (Kid) season begins in March, so there is an abundance of goat milk to be made into cheese!

Goat cheese is often described as having a mild tangy flavor when it is young and as it ages it takes on a more nutty or herby flavor. This range of flavor opens the door to a wide variety of uses and dishes that can be made.


Fresh (young) Goat Cheese

This is soft spreadable cheese is only aged for a few days giving it a very mild flavor and is commonly sold in logs that are sometimes rolled in herbs for extra flavor complexity. This cheese is commonly used on cheese boards, crumbled over fresh salads, added into frittatas, tarts, soups, etc. Its creamy texture also makes it very versatile in sweet/savory baking as well as cooking applications.


Soft-Ripened Goat Cheese

 This version of goat cheese is aged around three weeks and starts to develop a natural rind and a stronger tangy taste. This age of cheese really shines when enjoyed on its own or with crusty bread.


Aged Goat Cheese

Goat cheese can be aged up to three months on average and can develop a thick rind and much firmer texture than its young counterpart. Once again, this cheese can be enjoyed alone to fully experience the deepening flavor complexity or can be used to elevate a simple dish.

Here are a variety of recipes that feature goat cheese that you can explore. Happy eatings!

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