Our Values

Swiss American Core Values:

Thinking innovatively.

Optimizing solutions with a focus on our customers.

Integrity: Doing what’s right with the proper sense of urgency.

Delivering unequaled product quality & setting higher standards for food safety.

Leading change internally and externally.

Being accountable for shared results.

Respect for ourselves and each other’s worth and dignity.

Making a positive contribution through commitment to our community.

At Our Core, Values Define How We Do Business

We realize that the decisions we make not only impact our partners, but also our employees, their families, our communities, and the world we live in. At Swiss American, we’re committed to making positive contributions to all of the groups that we impact.

Our core values define who we are, what we do, and how we work. We challenge ourselves to rely on these values to help elevate the work we do, and in doing so benefit the people we serve as well as our community.

Our values center on our dedication to integrity. To us, that means doing what’s right — making decisions to protect the relationships we’ve built and the trust we’ve been given.

At the same time, we apply a sense of urgency to the work we do to ensure that our partners’ expectations are consistently met.

Our focus is on the customer, developing optimized solutions that elevate our customers’ experience whether their needs are straight forward or require customization. We pride ourselves on creative collaboration and innovative thinking to bring our customers the solutions they want, so they can focus on their goals.

While continually improving our high standards we commit to delivering unequaled product quality & setting higher standards for food safety. Our SQF Level 3 certification is just one of the ways we work to provide the safest possible product of the highest quality.

We strive to lead change internally and externally understanding that to be a value added partner means constantly searching for solutions through active listening and creative problem solving.

At Swiss American, we value the results of our partnerships and we believe that being accountable for shared results is the best path to mutually assured success.

Respect for the worth and dignity of all people is at the core of our business. We actively seek opportunities to work with people of all abilities; honoring the contributions that everyone can make to the work we do.

While we team up with many partners across the country and around the world, we never lose sight of the impact we can have on our own community. We stand by our commitment to our community, with a variety of programs that help the underserved, mentor youth, employ differently abled individuals, and overall seek to elevate people to lead fuller lives.

This commitment also drives our sustainability efforts. After all, great cheese relies on natural resources. To do our part we have implemented programs to reduce waste, provide recycled and eco-friendly packaging, reduce energy needs and fuel usage. We are always on the lookout for new ways to run a sustainable operation with reduced impact on our environment.

At Swiss American, everything we do is grounded in our values. Living our values makes us proud of our product, our processes, our people, and our relationships.

We believe enjoying food is a celebration of our shared humanity. It is our great privilege to help elevate those experiences with our cheese.