Handwrapping: The Art of Preservation

The bloomy rind of a soft-ripened cheese is a delicate living thing. Tiny microorganisms blossom to create an edible rind, which is one of the chief pleasures of soft cheeses like French Brie, Camembert, or Bucheron.

Each of these delicacies tells the story of its origin in every bite. From the grass and the scent of the pasture air where the animals graze to the unique families of microorganisms that help to cultivate flavor and texture during aging- each unique variety is a product of time, place, and passion.

When the soft, snowy white bloom of a brie or camembert rind has been replaced by a brown and craggy exterior, it is easy to recognize a soft-ripened cheese that’s been inexpertly wrapped. As unique as each cheese is, the way that we handle each one is equally unique. We are dedicated to handwrapping each type of cheese in a way that best preserves its flavor profile, texture, and integrity.

Our passion for preserving this story starts with our commitment to precise handwrapping techniques perfected through decades. The proper handwrap delicately protects the integrity of flavor and texture, allowing the cheese to live and breathe so that we experience the full nature of the cheese as it was intended. Handwrapping is an intricate process where dedicated precision, expert technique and the proper environment culminate to ensure that the cheesemaker’s vision travels from farm to table.

The art of handwrapping is only one of the innovative packaging techniques available at Swiss American. We work to provide cheese that satisfies all the senses, with wrappings that preserve quality while creating a stunning presentation.

Like everything we do, our packaging techniques are driven by a love of cheese and a respect for our cheesemakers and customers alike.