A Table for Two: A Fondue Date Night

Cheese can always put you in a feel good mood. Think of some of your favorite foods—we bet they feature cheese (or are covered in cheese)—pizza, nachos, cheesecake…fondue! So whether you’re celebrating your first or fiftieth Valentine’s Day with a friend or a loved one, a cheese fondue can be a fun hands-on meal or snack for a couch side picnic this holiday weekend. 

Fireside Cheese Fondue:  a versatile recipe that helps you use your favorite melty cheeses combined with beer or white wine. You can find our shredded Jarlsberg online at Amazon in plenty of time for your at-home date night.

Fondue for Two: A simple recipe that features Brie, Gruyere, and Baby Swiss for a classic alpine flavor.

We suggest serving your fondue of choice with dippers such as chunks of crusty bread, roasted mushrooms, mini meatballs, boiled mini potatoes, fresh veggies, and olives. 

Be sure to follow your fondue with a sweet finish! A smooth dark chocolate paired with a red wine (such as Zinfandel, Cabernet or Shiraz) is a great way to finish a rich cheesy meal. 

Have Fun!