Grilled Cheese

Just a few days into summer and already our palates are moving away from heavy cheese laden casseroles and comfort foods in favor of fresh light dishes. Nowhere is this change in seasonal fare more evident than at Eataly. Situated in the heart of Manhattan’s Flatiron District, Eataly is part fresh market, part international grocery, and part foodie paradise; highlighting the very best in fresh, seasonal, local, and artisanal foods.

One thing that Eataly does particularly well is to captivate visitors through all senses. From bright colorful produce, to the wafting scent of fresh baked breads and pastries, their retail experience inspires even casual passersby to come in and explore everything specialty food has to offer.

Whether you are picking out the freshest in season fruits and vegetables, or waiting for the catch of the day to be trimmed and wrapped for this evening’s dinner; it is easy to find inspiration in Eataly. So when in Eataly, we do as the Eatalians do and we eat our way through all the seasons best they have to offer!

Nothing says light summer fare more than grilling, ripe fruits and vegetables, and fresh cheeses. The cheese section alone in Eataly is awe inspiring with its towering stacks of cheese wheels and mounds of freshly cut delicacies. But it is the marriage of handmade cheeses, fresh ingredients, and culinary inspiration that is really where the magic of the Eataly experience comes alive.
Cheese Case

Fresh Mozz

Each of the unique dining experiences within Eataly presents a different perspective on seasonal ingredients around each of its departments (seafood, vegetables, pasta and pizza, cheese and salumi, etc.). It is an amazing thing to dine surrounded by the fresh produce used to create the dishes being served and it is clear that summer is on the menu!
Eataly Courses

Everyone has come to love cheese in dishes like lasagna and macaroni & cheese but in summer cheese still has a prominent seat at the table. This is very apparent on the menu this week in Eataly’s vegetable restaurant Le Verdure. With appetizers featuring grilled peaches with fresh mozzarella, salads of grilled bitter greens, sides of asparagus with capers and Parmigiano Reggiano, and entrees of grilled eggplant served parmigiana style with fresh mozzarella; it is evident that cheese belongs in every course!

While you may not make it to Eataly in time for this week’s summer menu that doesn’t mean you can’t live out some of the inspiration in your own kitchen. So, we bring you a flavorful summer grilling menu inspired by a range of recipes, our trip to Eataly, and in honor of a summer of cheese!

First Course
First Course


Second (veggie) Course
Second Course

Salad Course
Salad Course

Entree Course

Grilled Vegetable Pizza – Check out this tasty recipe from


Each of these is a wonderful testament to summer flavors, fresh cheeses, and seasonal ingredients. Just add your favorite grilled meats or enjoy an all vegetarian fare!

Buon appetito!