Who We Are

Our Commitment to the Community 

We form many partnerships across the country and around the world but we hold the connections made in our own neighborhood highest of all. Each day we are reminded of the affect we can have on our own community and we strive to increase our impact with a variety of programs that help the underserved, mentor youth, employ differently abled individuals, and overall seek to elevate people to lead fuller lives.

Work Programs for the Differently Abled , Unemployed, and Underemployed

We actively seek opportunities to work with people of all abilities; honoring the contributions that everyone can make to the work we do.

GoodwillThrough our long standing relationship with Mers Goodwill’s business support services workshop we have been able to help participants in the program gain valuable hands on work skills. Our joint team works to assemble gift boxes, snack kits, and other unique items, helping us meet the needs of our customers every day. With over 100 participants in their program, we have served as a place for many of these team members to come and gain off site experience in a traditional business setting. We are proud of the work we have accomplished together over the past 4+ years.

STL Youth Jobs
We are proud to support the STL Youth Jobs program through summer internships for youth aged 16-24. This program aims to bridge the gap between our communities disengaged youth and the need for skilled workers. Youth spend summer months in our facility learning transferable skills in the areas of basic accounting, data entry, administrative support, warehousing, inventory control, quality assurance, and production. Over the past three years we have partnered with many talented young people who have gone on to college and full time careers. Take a look at their brochure for more information.

logoThe Independence Center provides comprehensive and high quality programs and services to adults in St. Louis with serious and persistent mental illnesses allowing them opportunities to live and work in the community, independently and with dignity. For over two years, their members have worked in our facility on a daily basis gaining valuable experience and re-entry into the workforce through the Transitional Employment program. We could not be prouder of the team and more grateful for the work they do each and every day to help us provide our customers with the highest quality products.

Mission STLThe Mission of Job & Leadership Training (JLT) is to empower at-risk men, ages 22 – 35 with skills to become leaders in their workplace, community and families. Swiss American partners with the JLT program to provide student internships for men in this program; providing them with a source of income and a way to apply the techniques and skills they learn in the program sessions. We are proud to say that several of the program graduates that have come through our facility now hold full time jobs at Swiss American. Our team members have grown to become supportive fathers, heads of household, mentors, and productive citizens.

In addition to the programs above we also support Missouri SLATE’s OJT program which serves to put unemployed and underemployed people into full time jobs throughout the community. Through these programs we bring on a diverse group of job seekers and train them to take on full time positions in our facility.

Supported Community Programs

We also believe that a strong commitment to our community means supporting the many organizations in our neighborhoods that work every day to meet the needs of the people in our city. Through a variety of programs Swiss American has proudly partnered to support the following community organizations.


Children’s Hospital Saint Louis
Donation of toys, pajamas, games, art supplies, and blankets to be used in various places throughout the hospital, the child life playroom, teen lounge, library, emergency unit, radiology, waiting areas, and admitting.

Great Circle

Great Circle

Support Christmas giving program for youth in care.

Operation Food Search

Food Search

Support food drives to fill their pantries, participation in family meal kit preparation, and donation of food from our facility.

Sweet Celebrations

Birthday party supply drive to help host more birthdays for kids in homeless shelters.


Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition

Support employment programs for youth aging out of care, donations of cheese for events and fundraisers, Birthday Buddy program.

City Greens

City Greens Market

The mission of City Greens is to provide access to fresh, quality and affordable produce to neighbors, to promote healthy living in the community, and to provide space for members to interact. We recognize the importance of knowing where our food comes from and supporting local farmers as part of our extended community. 

Susan G Komen

Participant in annual fundraising walk